We have developed several questionnaires that are available for use by academics, student researchers, clinicians, and by industry. These include:

  • BGM-Q: Blood Glucose Monitoring Questionnaire
  • HypoA-Q: Hypoglycaemia Awareness Questionnaire
  • HypoC-Q: Hypoglycaemia Cues Questionnaire
  • QoL-Q: Quality of Life Questionnaire


Protecting the integrity of questionnaires is important for all users. A user agreement is necessary to:

  • ensure you have access to an authorised version of the questionnaire. This avoids users introducing typical errors (e.g. typos, missing or misquoting wording, or making mistakes with response options) when reproducing the questionnaire without permission to do so
  • ensure you have access to the latest and most appropriate version of the questionnaire for your purpose (including authorised translations as needed)
  • provide you with access to the latest scoring guidance
  • ensure we are able to track all the various uses of the questionnaire and its translations, to protect the integrity of the measure, and guide development of new languages, user tools and information guidelines
  • to avoid breach of copyright

For non-commercially funded research or clinical practice: the HypoA-Q is made available free of charge to students, clinicians and academic researchers for use in non-commercially funded projects or routine clinical practice. Non-commercially funded projects include those that are unfunded (e.g. student projects), or funded by charities / foundations (e.g. Diabetes UK), public funds (e.g. NIHR, MRC).

Non-commercial users simply need to sign a declaration to this effect and send it to us to register the study or clinical use.

For commercially funded research: a commercial user agreement is necessary and a license fee is payable.

For further information or to request a non-commercial or commercial agreement, email: