The Hypoglycaemia Awareness Questionnaire is a profile measure of hypoglycaemia awareness (when awake/asleep) and hypoglycaemia frequency, severity and impact (healthcare utilisation).

It has robust face and content validity; satisfactory structure and internal reliability; good convergent, divergent and known groups validity. The ‘impaired awareness’ sub-scale and other items contribute significantly to models explaining recall of severe and nocturnal hypoglycaemia. It has proven responsiveness in clinical trials.


The 5-item ‘impaired awareness’ sub-scale has been translated and linguistically validated in 20 languages. We approve rigorous industry-standard procedures. All new translations need to be authorised by, and remain the copyright of, AHP Research.

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Speight J, Barendse SM, Singh H, Inkster B, Little S, Frier BM, Shaw JAM. Characterising problematical hypoglycaemia: iterative design and psychometric validation of the Hypoglycaemia Awareness Questionnaire (HypoA-Q). Diabetic Medicine. doi: 10.1111/dme.12824 (Epub ahead of print: 4 Jun 2015).

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