We believe there is immense value in developing and evaluating new medical treatments and technologies based on outcomes that matter to people living with a long-term medical condition. This sounds obvious but, unfortunately, when it comes to improving treatments, healthcare and services, the person actually living with the condition often comes last in a long list of stakeholders. We work in various ways to help our clients and collaborators understand and capture the ‘patient perspective’:

Consultancy: we combine expertise in health psychology and outcomes research with experience in many health conditions. We are always happy to offer authoritative and accessible advice

Training: we offer various training courses (e.g. patient-reported outcomes, motivation, adherence, critical appraisal skills)

Research: our portfolio includes a range of services, from desk-based literature reviews and appraisal of PRO measures, to qualitative studies, survey management and clinical trials

Writing and dissemination: As active members of the research community, we are committed to publishing in peer-reviewed journals. We are happy to support the strategic dissemination and publication of your research studies